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Covid-19 Vaccine Information

In our community at Canterbury Medical Clinic, we want to stop the spread of the coronavirus, that’s why we will be participating in the rollout of the Covid-19 Vaccine. 

If you are a current patient at Canterbury Medical Clinic and have any concerns about the vaccine, please make an appointment with your GP. 

If you usually attend another medical clinic, please make an appointment with your regular GP who can provide us with appropriate medical documentation (Health Summary, Vaccine eligibility and Consent), allowing you to be vaccinated at our clinic. 

You must be up to date with Medicare and only Medicare card holders will be permitted the vaccine administration in all GP clinics. Vaccine records will be uploaded to the Australian Immunisation Registry. 

We will be providing the TGA approved government supplied Astra-Zeneca vaccine, which will be given according to the government’s priority system. 12 weeks after our initial vaccination, we will be expecting the booster dose (the second part of the vaccination). There will be a compulsory government eligibility and consent form for all patients to complete.

We will only be administering patients who meet the criteria of Phase 1b, at this point in time. 

*To find out your eligibility please visit the government’s calculator.

Phase 1b:

  • All patients over 70 years old
  • Health care workers not immunised in phase 1a
  • Adults under 70 years with an underlying medical condition, including disability
  • Critical and high-risk workers including defence, police, fire, emergency services and meat processing workers.
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged over 55 years old


Appointments for the Covid-19 vaccination can be made via the app HotDoc or our clinic website (www.canterburymedicalclinic.com.au)